A cloud hosting service means that each and every part of your world-wide web presence will be handled by an independent server. For example, your files and databases will be handled by separate machines and since just a single type of processes will run on a server, each machine will perform better and will use its system resources to the fullest. Whether you'll get a genuine cloud service or not also depends on the CP that you will use to handle your account. As most control panels were made to work on a single server, they are unable to work on a cloud platform whatever a given web hosting provider would advertise. If one service stops responding, the entire server could go down, so your sites won't be accessible. That's why you should check what service you will actually get if you are looking for cloud internet hosting before you order anything.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Web Hosting

All shared web hosting accounts that we offer are generated on our unique cloud platform and the service you will get is the best possible one that you could find on the internet hosting market. We have independent clusters of web servers taking care of the files, e-mails, statistics, Control Panel, databases, etcetera. Because we can easily keep adding machines to each and every cluster, we have virtually inexhaustible system resources, and we've practically eliminated any kind of downtime of the sites hosted on the platform. The in-house made Hepsia Control Panel was intended to work in the cloud and it even has its very own cluster to work from, so when you subscribe for one of our shared hosting packages, you'll get a real cloud hosting service which will provide the best possible performance of your Internet sites.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you obtain a semi-dedicated server account from us, you'll be able to take advantage of our genuine cloud internet hosting platform. Most of the plan features which we offer are unrestricted for a reason - as each and every aspect of the Internet hosting service is handled by an individual cluster of servers, we don't have a limit for the system resources that we can use, which in turn means that you don't have such a limit as well. In case more storage space or processing power is required, we simply add extra servers to the cluster that requires them. Unlike other service providers, we use the Hepsia internet hosting Control Panel that was developed to work in the cloud. It's also run on an individual cluster and it will enable you to use the entire potential of the cloud platform, so in case you host your websites with us, you will get the power that you need along with a really quick and very reliable service with zero downtime.