The term "disk space" is oftentimes identified as "disk quota" or "data storage", yet all these terms mean the very same thing - the amount of data that you'll be able to upload to a web hosting account. The full size of everything you have is determined by accumulating the storage space consumed by the content within your account, the most obvious being the files that you upload. Two more things are sometimes disregarded by various end users, though - e-mail messages and databases. Sizable attachments or databases of large script-driven websites will often use a lot of storage space too. In order to use a more common analogy, the hard drive space of your personal computer is used not just by files you download, but additionally by docs you generate and software programs you add. Similarly, many things are counted for the hard disk space your information employs on a web hosting server, not just the uploads.

Disk Space in Web Hosting

With our web hosting packages, you'll never worry about hdd space. While most companies create accounts using just a single server and at some point all the server hdd space is in use, we've employed a cloud web hosting system in which the files, e-mails and databases are handled by independent clusters of servers. As a result, each machine performs better as only one type of processes is working on it, plus the hard disk storage is virtually unlimited since we can always attach more servers or hard disks to the cluster, depending on whether we require more processing power or extra storage space. You won't ever experience a position in which you cannot upload more files since there is no free hdd space on your server, that's an issue you can experience with many other suppliers. When you use our web hosting services, you can be sure that limited space won't be a problem for the progress of your sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

Considering the fact that our semi-dedicated server packages are quite powerful, we've decided not to restrict the disk space feature when we have created them. Our idea is that when you use a powerful package, it is more than likely that you have a considerable amount of website information, consequently each and every semi-dedicated server package provides you with limitless hdd storage, which will enable you to concentrate on improving your websites without be concerned if you will match some quota. Your web hosting account will be created using a cloud web hosting system in which the files, emails and databases have their individual clusters of servers, so not only will the machines perform more effectively since just one type of system processes will operate on them, but in addition you will not ever need to worry for the disk storage because we can install as many servers or hard disk drives to each and every cluster as needed.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

Our VPS hosting plans offer you a huge volume of disk space so as to fulfill all your needs and never restrict the growth of your web sites. Naturally, in order to manage a single resource-hungry web site or a couple of smaller web sites, you will need extra power as a whole, so the higher the VPS plan, the more hdd storage you'll get. Shifting between the different plans is very easy and the additional space will be included in your existing account without transferring any data or stopping/restarting the server, so when you hit the space limit of your current plan, you can upgrade with a few clicks in your billing panel. As we offer several website hosting Control Panels with our virtual private servers, you are given two options for your disk space control - using Hepsia, all the web sites will share the overall server storage space, while when you use cPanel and DirectAdmin you'll be able to make separate accounts for your domain names and set an allocation for each account.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Choosing dedicated web hosting plans you will get all of the hard disk space that you may need for your websites, databases, e-mails and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be accessible and not shared with others, which means that you are able to upload any information you will need - web site files, personal or company archive backup copies, etcetera. You will have at least 2 hard disk drives that work in RAID, so one drive will mirror the other in real time to make sure that all your precious information is always protected. If you prefer, you are able to use the HDDs independent of each other and employ the entire space in any way you see fit. If required, you can get supplementary drives linked to your server to have even greater disk space. You will have the option to make web hosting accounts with pre-set hdd space allowances if you get your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Using Hepsia, which is your third Control Panel option on the order page, all the domain names hosted on your server will share the disk space and they'll be controlled from a single account. In either case, our dedicated plans will satisfy all your demands whatever the type of site you want to host.